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Terra Candella
So, in 1981 I was going around Western Europe, and talking to various artists about this first international mail art congress. On that and subsequent trips, I met several very fascinating and frequently pivotal people in the mail art, artistamp movement. In the Netherlands, I had very interesting meetings with Woody van Amen; with the critic and curator, Ulises Carrion, from Mexico, who lived in the Netherlands then and is deceased now; my dear friend, Ferenc Gogos, a Hungarian exile who lives in the Netherlands; and Claudio Goulart. I spent time at de Apple, a major arts exhibition area and organization in Amsterdam and at Stempelplaats, which I think is defunct now; it was very important in the '80s for having mail art, stamp art, and artists' books exhibitions and did several publications around those subjects.
I spent time with Guy Schraenen in Belgium; in France with
Henri Niotou, Lara Vincy, and as I said, Pierre Restany,
a major European critic, who has written several books and is associated with Yves Klein and Niki de Saint Phalle
and Jean Tinguely; and another pivotal artist Henning Mittendorf and his lovely wife, Anjelica, in Stuttgart

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croxhapox / experimental art house and an open working place for contemporary art, Belgium

L'Archivio d'Arte Contemporanea - AdAC

Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de Sao Paulo
São Paulo : Escola Superior de Artes Santa Marcelina, abril 1980, português, P&B. ... Tatsuoki Nambata, Henri Niotou, Tadahiro Ono, Harumichi Sakata...

Bildende Kunst - Sammlung Salzmann

     University of Denver, Penrose Library

     Oberlin College

International directory of arts
Walter Kaupert – 1989

Artes visuales, Numéros 19/26- Page 47 -1978
... Niotou (France), Anna Banana (USA), Roberto Cerbai (Italy), Piotr ...

Poéticas visuais: 29 de setembro a 30 de outubro de 1977
Universidade de São Paulo. Museu de Arte Contemporânea - 1977 - 56 pages
... Tchecoslováquia H. Gruber-Gutenstein - Áustria H. Niotou - França Horst
Tress - Alemanha Howardena Pindell - EUA Intermédia - EUA (publicação) Ivan ...

Libri d'artista in Italia: 1960-1998
Liliana Dematteis, Giorgio Maffei - 1998 - 285 pages - Page 192

Art à la carte: internationale Künstlerpostkarten seit den 60er Jahren
By Otto C. Dahms

Dizionario del design italiano
By Anty Pansera, Daniele Baroni

Bibliografia polskiej historii sztuki za rok 1979
By Anna M. Drexlerowa

     Textos do Trópico de Capricórnio: Circuitos de arte na América Latina e no...
Page 215 - Aracy A. Amaral - 2006 - 423 pages
Numa década de intensa ênfase no conceitual, dois artistas, nos anos 70, fazem
igualmente doações ao MAC, como foi o caso de H. Niotou, com trabalho em...